Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Beginning

My adventure into the world of gardening and flowers came to me as an answer to a prayer request.
At the time I was a young, married mother struggling to make ends meet.
I waitrresed weekends to help with extras around our household.
But it wasn't the long term solution to the question I always had.
Lord, what is it that I am meant to do with my life?

(You know besides being a good wife and a mother.)

I prayed that a lot.

We had just returned from a relaxing vacation in Florida when my mom called.
She told me the lady from the local greenhouse had stopped into their hardware store. They were chatting and the lady mentioned she was looking to hire some help for this spring.
My mom told her I might be interested, she would have me contact her as soon as we were home from Florida.

Of course I called right away!

That was my introduction into my love of flowers!

My answer to that prayer!

A prayer that continues to be answered over and over!

The lady from the greenhouse took me under her wing.
She paid for me to attend horticulture classes at the local community college.
She taught me the art of flower arranging.
As I became more skilled at all of the various tasks involved in running the greenhouses,
she let me take over as manager of the whole operation.

But one day I came to work and she told me the bad news.
They were getting out of the business.
She just didn't have the passion or the money to continue.
Even though I saw it coming,
I was devastated!

But God continued to answer my prayer!

I was able to purchase most of the greenhouse and floral supplies at her going out of business auction.
I bought 3/4 of an acre land next to our own farmette. 
With the help of my dad, we erected 2 greenhouses.
My parents let me take over a storage shed next to their hardware store.
That became home to my floral shop.
A year later I even managed to purchase a wreath and grave blanket making business from a retiring couple.

Things were good!

I was busy!
Busy trying to keep of with the demands of my businesses and busy trying to meet the demands of my kids hectic school schedule.
Some days I was sure I would meet myself going or coming.

Then things in my life changed.
My marriage was over.
And so was my business.

The truth of it was I hadn't been taking very good care of either one.

10 years later....

God is still answering that prayer!

I am happily remarried 9 years to a wonderful man!
We recently moved to a beautiful house that sits on 5 acres.
If that wasn't enough
last year we were blessed to be able to purchase the 5 acres north of our property.

We have 10 acres!

What do you do with that much vacant land?

(Its like an empty canvas to a painter!
A bare piece of paper to a writer!)

Grow flowers of course!

Oh I have more, so much more than just flowers that I want to plant!
Somedays I can hardly contain my excitement!

This begins my next journey!

A continuing answer to my prayer!