Saturday, March 5, 2016

Growing Decisions

Well I knew in my heart I wanted to plant flowers...lots of flowers!

Now the tough decision would be what kind of flowers.

Every seed catalog has pages and pages full of beautiful blooming specimens.

I needed to find out what type and variety would grow best in my climate.

Also what variety is the best for my ultimate goal, selling fresh cut flowers.

Time to sit down and do some research!

Lynn Byczynski sure knows her stuff!

From reading her book I came across another great publication

Through the years I have been collecting folders worth of reading material on organic growing,
mainly in the vegetable garden but some flowers as well.

Soon I felt I had enough knowledge to begin making my flower choices.

I guess my final decision really came down to what I had already been growing for my own pleasure.

Flowers I knew that worked.

Mainly zinnieas with some celosia thrown into the bunch.

A few of these had been blue ribbon winners at the local county fair.

And of course sunflowers!

It took me a couple of days but I finally completed my seed order!

I bought some varieties new to the flower scene this year.

I purchased some flower seeds that I have always wanted to try.

Then there were the tried and true varieties that I new produced summer through fall, continuous blooms.

To the flower order I added some broom corn, ornamental corn and popcorn.

(Fingers crossed the local herd of deer don't find my corn as their personal buffet!)

Within a week or so the seeds started arriving by mail!

While opening box after box of seeds I was sure that I was already in over my head!

Can you really ever have to many seeds?

They look much less daunting all contained in a box.

Its hard to believe the contents inside this small, wooden box will fill a field full of glorious, spectacular blooms all summer long!

With that I know, comes a lot of back breaking work.

I say bring it on!

I am ready!

Let the planting begin!